Yannick DYON
Engineering Graduate - Reims Engineering School


“Flexible organization for optimized handling of claims”

At vrs Vering we’re convinced that innovative, appropriate solutions emerge from brainstorming, the exchange of opinions, complementary skills and synergy of ideas.

We work in “project mode” for comprehensive management of complex claims. It’s a method of organization that’s flexible and tailored, based on people, processes and technologies:

  • A project manager forms a multidisciplinary team of loss adjusters, and takes the lead in managing the claim.
  • A specific steering tool is set up: an IT platform that allows all those involved to follow the case as it develops in real time.

The aim is to find the best solutions quickly and collectively in order to reduce the costs and time required to manage the claim. To ensure that the Insured can resume operations as soon as possible and get back on an even keel.

Claims managed in project mode are always followed by a feedback phase to which all the parties contribute, to ensure that we’re constantly improving our service.