Olivier GLOUX
EEA-G certified
EEA certified, Construction specialist
EFLAE ELAE certified (European Loss Adjusting Expert)
FFSA qualified – Certified Construction Surveyor by CSTB Construction Research Centre
CRAC Construction Insurance Convention qualified
Engineering Graduate - ESTP


“It’s essential to understand the sequence of events”

vrs Vering has adjusters who are RCAE-equivalent (French certification for Cause & Origin Expert) accredited and act on specific assignments. Our teams work in close partnership with our subsidiary Focalyse, to offer insurers and risk managers a complete service of investigations (on-site analysis, gathering information in the vicinity of the loss, tests and analyses in the wreckage, conclusions).

Our strengths:

  • Specialized investigators to take witness statements and work in a context of privileged relations with the police.
  • Specialized lawyers to confirm the legal analysis of the claims and study the possibilities of recovery.
  • Strong investments in cause analysis technologies (such as drones to reach inaccessible areas or use of Fire Spread Simulators).

To offer our clients and their clients a precise and comprehensive view of losses, from cause analysis to the examination of recovery action.