Machinery & Technical Risks Department Manager


“Finding the most efficient solution both technically and economically”

Our forensic engineering department is made up of adjusters who are specialized in the multiple and varied fields of electronics, mechanics, industrial processes, cyber-risk and automation. Their method is to identify the cause of the damage effectively, to assess the available solutions for remedying it as accurately as possible with the help of specialist partners, and to identify the possible recovery options.

Fields of expertise

  • Rail
  • Machining
  • Worksite equipment
  • Nuclear energy
  • Telecommunications
  • CyberRisk
  • Renewable Energy
    • Wind Power
    • Solar Power
    • Hydro-Electric Power
    • Biogas Production

Our strengths

  • Our Machinery Specialist Network

Vering’s trump card is its network of experts for optimal meshing both in France and internationally. They work with all kinds of policies, whether the contract is Industrial all-risk , Machinery Breakdown or Erection All Risk policy.

  • Project Mode

Working in project mode on major losses with Vering’s Construction and Business Interruption adjusters is a guarantee that complementary strategies will be followed and optimum solutions proposed, both technically and financially.

  • VeringEye

We’re all for innovation, but only if it helps with optimized management of a claim! And that’s why we’ve created and fine-tuned this tool which allows remote surveying via videoconference. It means that the adjuster can discuss with the insured or the service provider, examine the damaged equipment, approve the preliminary steps so as to limit the downtime of the equipment.
As this survey takes place via videoconference, all the parties involved can attend the survey online: insurer, risk manager, providers, insured, etc.
Of course, this interactive device is not designed to replace every on-site survey but to facilitate communication and fast decision-making.